Serious talk for a second.

Hi lovelies, thanks for stopping by!

I have been going back and fourth in my head as to whether I wanted to post this entry or not. It’s a pretty hot topic, but I think it is something that needs to be addressed.

The online (particularly Facebook) chronic illness community has become a breeding ground for hate, anger, accusations, and so fourth as of late. To be honest, this is probably something that has been going on for a while, it is only recently that it has been most apparent to me, though. Anytime you have any type of online forum, there is bound to be people who misrepresent themselves.This is the truth about the internet. Unfortunately, there are several effects of these misrepresentations. The two most prominent (for me at least) of these effects are the increase in people accusing others of faking their illnesses, and increase in anger and hatred (which sort of goes hand in hand with the last one).

Let’s pick each of these apart quickly:

Increase in accusations: This is something I have noticed in the wake of several major cases of misrepresentation. Some people within the chronic illness community are becoming so quick to accusing others of faking their illness. More often than not, this has lead to truly ill and suffering people being accused and ostracized from the communities that they joined for support. People join these communities for support, support that they aren’t necessarily getting in their everyday lives. Many people with chronic illnesses have been accused or doubted in their “real” lives time and time again. This in itself is a tragic, difficult, and frequent thing to deal with. I experienced doubt myself to a very mild degree before my diagnosis. I can only imagine how hurtful and emotionally taxing it is to have these same doubts and accusations from the very people who are suppose to support them. The people who should know how hard it is to deal with these doubts and accusations.

This, in itself, causes an increase in anger and hatred. Anger towards one another, anger towards those who are accusing people of faking, and anger towards those who are defending the accused. Anger in a community that is meant to be about love and support.

Thanks for reading,
lots of love (and love one another)





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