Day 30: How is your body affected? What do I like about my body?


Starting with your toes and working up to your head, name each part of your body and how your illness has affected it, followed by something you like about that body part

Hello lovelies. Thanks for stopping by again. Please be aware that there is some basic (not detailed) TMI information to follow.


Affected: Weakness, soreness, additional foot and ankle problems (related to clubfoot, not chronic illness), wheelchair bound, numbness and tingling, poor circulation

Like: Do tattoos count?


I also have quite small feet, which I appreciate. It makes shopping for shoes very easy and much cheaper than if I had bigger feet lol.


Affected: Weakness, soreness, wheelchair bound

Like: Again, do tattoos count? lol. The tattoo on my leg isn’t the best quality. It was the first tattoo I ever had, and I didn’t search around for a good artist at the time. It was a very impulsive decision. I don’t regret the decision, because the tattoo has deep meaning to me, but I do regret not doing research and putting more thought and time into it. Thankfully I have found a very talented artist to do the remainder of my tattoos, and who will touch up the one on my leg when I am able to do so.

I also strangely like my legs. I was born with clubfoot and thus have had 5 surgeries on my right foot and ankle. Starting as early as 1 year old. In my right leg, I have developed very little muscle. My left leg had to compensate for this (when I walked), and is thus quite muscular.

Hips/Pelvis/Reproductive organs

Affected: soreness, weakness, oligomenorrhea

Like: Hmm, how un-symptomatic these parts of my body are compared to the rest of my body? lol


Affected: bloating, bowel irregularities, gastrointestinal paralysis, malabsorption, inability to eat, severe malnutrition, rapid weight loss, TPN dependent, lack of sensation of full bladder

Like: Right now, in all honestly, I don’t like too terribly much right now about my abdomen and stomach.

Ribs/Lungs/heart, etc.

Affected: Tachycardia (racing heart), low blood pressure, shortness of breath, central line in chest

Like: I think that I have a good, compassionate heart. Does that count?


Affected: Soreness, weakness

Like: Uhhhh… I have a tattoo on my shoulder for Chronic illness/dysautonomia awareness. Again, does that count? (Tattoo compliments of the very talented Lowercasej (Justin) at King Kobra Tattoo (formally known as tattoo Marks) 10947336_10205666488489809_3164309424756544750_n.jpg


Affected: Soreness, weakness, blood clots from central lines used to keep me alive, numbness and tingling, poor circulation

Like: I’ve never thought much about this. I guess I love my nails. Not because they are long and beautiful but because I love painting nails. It’s cathartic to me.

Head(and brain)/Neck:

Affected: Headaches, confusion, brain fog, dizziness, fainting, soreness, poor temperature regulation, fatigue

Like: Love my eyes, that seem to change color based on my mood. Is that even possible? I honestly have no idea what color my eyes are. They’re kinda grey, kinda blue, with hints of green and hazel in them.. And my curly hair. I used to hate my curls because they are a lot of work, but I love them now. I also believe that I am quite an intellectual person.





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