Day 28


5 things achieved despite my illness:

1.) Compassion

When it comes to chronic illness, compassion is important. Not just compassion for those around you, but also self compassion. Being compassionate to yourself means being understanding, kind, and mindful when it comes to dealing with your own health issues.

2.) Education

As I have mentioned in the past, I have taken a leave of absence from school due to my health. I have not let this prevent me from learning new things. I strive to educate myself on a daily basis on new things. Additionally, for the longest time I told myself that I would go back to school when I felt better. It occurred to me one day, that I might not get better. That being said, I have decided that once I am financially stable, that I am going to go back to school to finish my final 2 classes in my undergraduate degree.

3.) Socialization

Okay, this isn’t completely true, and is 100% dependent on the day. In all honestly, most days I want to be completely alone. It’s really easy to want to isolate yourself when you’re chronically ill.¬†Some days I act on that and avoid people. Other days I push past it and socialize with others.

4.) Normalization (or trying at least)

Another thing that is easy with chronic illness is being treated differently by others, and treating yourself differently. For me it is important that people treat me the way that they would treat anyone else (despite the wheelchair, IVs, etc.). Sure, I might need to adjust the ways in which I do things, but I am a person none-the-less. I want to be seen as Megan, not the girl in the wheel chair, the girl that faints, the girl who can’t eat, etc.


I don’t know what else to add to this other than, I have survived thus far. Chronic illness has taken a lot from me, and has tried to take my life on a few occasions. I have survived these illnesses for years, and all the complications that have come with them. I will continue to fight to survive.

Thanks for reading.

Lots of love,



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