Day 27: Come what may


Hello lovelies, thanks for visiting again. Today we are talking about advice and chronic illness.

What’s the most helpful advice you’ve had? 

When you’re ill, chronic or acute, you’re never short of advice from other people. Some of it is helpful, others not so much. Before I go in to detail, I just wanted to share a list of things and advice NOT to say to someone with a chronic illness:

  • “You should try…”
  • You just need less stress
  • Just push through it
  • You just need more exercise

Chances are, we know the things we should and should not try. We know the things we need to do in order to have some relief from our symptoms. We don’t need to be told about new miracle treatments. We don’t need to be told we need less stress (let’s be honest, EVERYONE needs less stress).

Now here are the two major pieces of advice I have been given, that I have been living by:

I have said this time and time again, but life is about how well you’ve lived, not how long. Quality over quantity. Everyone focuses on quantity, living as long as possible. It’s an easy thing to measure, measured in the number of years you’ve lived. The longer you’ve lived, the better, right? Not necessarily. You can absolutely live a long, happy life. On the other hand, you can live a long unhappy life. It’s hard to really measure a life full of quality. What exactly is a quality life? How do you measure how good your life is? I want both, I want a long, happy life. but I’ll settle for a happy one.

Another thing that has recently been bestowed on me by a fellow spoonie, and one of my partners in crime. No really, if I were to get arrested, it would probably be with her doing something ridiculous. Anyway, she lives by the phrase “come what may”. I’m not going to say that I don’t have bad days, days that I hate what my life has become. I absolutely do, and have been feeling that way recently. We all have those days – chronic illness or not. No matter what happens, we keep pushing through, though. Come what may.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Lots of love,




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