Day 26: Impact of chronic illness on loved ones.



Hello lovelies. Thanks for stopping by again. Today we are addressing how chronic illness impacts loved one.

Chronic illness doesn’t just impact the patient, it impacts everyone around them. Family, friends, partners, etc. Me and my loved ones are certainly no exception to that. There are many ways in which people around me and around other chronic illness warriors are impacted. I think most significantly is the emotional impact that it has on people. Many of my loved ones have experienced emotions quite similar to what I have experienced: Guilt, anger, depression, fear, etc. In addition, I also experience these emotions, as well as irritability, and have taken those strong emotions out of my family and friends. Those no one will say as much, I’m sure there have been times where my illnesses and how I react to them have put a major toll on my family. Additionally, I do not really have a partner or significant other to speak of. I’ve been on a few dates since getting sick, but have not had a serious relationship. Part of this is not wanting to burden someone else with my baggage, and there’s a lot of that. I’m also terrified of how people will respond when they know the full.

That is all I really have to say on the matter for tonight. I’ve been feeling a bit despondent as of late regarding my illness, and particularly TPN. I am and will be okay, it’s just a lot to process sometimes.

As always, thanks for reading.

lots of love,



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