Days 23 and 24: pep talks and socialization.


Hello lovlies. Today’s post is 2 days worth. It’s also just me rambling on and on again. Sorry if it’s short. Spoons and all.

Day 23: What do you say to yourself when you need a pep talk? 

I intentionally did not post yesterday because I honestly just don’t know how to answer this question. I don’t really tell myself anything when I need a pep talk. Not that I am consciously aware of at least. Things like “you can do this”, “breath”, etc, just seem so cliche and unhelpful to me. I do have a lot of coping techniques, though – e.g., painting, drawing, reading, playing games, snuggle with my cat.

I would absolutely love for people to share what kind of pep talks they give to themselves, though. I could certainly use a pep talk right now!

Day 24: How have you managed to juggle your social life through your illness? 

This is an interesting question. I think for many people, sick or not, this is something that changes on a daily basis. I do struggle to get out of my apartment and be social with people in real life. And other times when I do schedule something to be social with people, I often have to cancel or reschedule. Many factors come in to play, unexpected appointments and hospitalizations, lack of energy, fainting, pain, nausea/vomiting, etc.

I do have other outlets for my socialization. As you may or may not know, I am a hardcore gamer. As such I have a group of gamer friends as well. Some I know in real life, some from my area, others I have never met in person, and/ or don’t live in my area. We communicate quite often online, and on a app called Teamspeak (like skype for gamers).

In addition to this, as I mentioned in the past, facebook is an amazing place to network with people with similar issues. I have met some amazing (as well as some not so amazing) people with chronic illnesses as well.


Anyway, I’m exhausted so that’s it for tonight.

lots of love,




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