Day 15: To the newly diagnosed!


Hello lovely people, thanks for visiting again! Today we address the newly diagnosed!

Day 15: What would you say to people newly diagnosed with this illness/these illnesses? 

It might sound odd to those out there without a chronic illness, but honestly, congratulations would be the first thing I say. Not because chronic illness is fun, or a trophy we should all aspire to have, but because many of us fight for a long time to get diagnosed. As I mentioned previously, it took me 7 months to get diagnosed, which is considered to be quite fast. The relief from having an actual diagnosis and knowing you’re not crazy is amazing. But that relief may be short lived. You may experience fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the diagnosis and prognosis. I’ve been sick for 6 years and there are still moments in every day where I am absolutely terrified. You may also experience guilt. Guilt for what you can no longer do. Guilt for what you’re missing out on with your friends, family, etc. Guilt for having to cancel plans. Please remember all of these feelings are a normal part of the process. After getting diagnosed with a chronic illness you might also find yourself needed assistance from other people. And feeling guilty or angry about that. It is okay to ask for help, that doesn’t make you selfish or weak… It makes you human. 

Having a chronic illness is an physically and emotionally exhausting process. Every emotion that you feel after getting a chronic illness is completely normal and a reasonable part of the process. 6 years later I still experience different emotions like fear, anger, depression, etc. There will be good a bad days. But know that you are never alone. 

lots of love,





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