Day 12: Chronic illness explained!


Day 12: Briefly explain what it’s like living with this illness: 

This is an interesting, albeit difficult challenge for today. There is no way to accurately describe what it’s like. Honestly, unfortunately it’s one of those things that you can’t get it until you get it. I will do my best.


Take a moment to imagine with me. Imagine that feeling you get after staying awake for 24 or more straight hours. Imagine that exhaustion, confusion, slowness and general feeling of malaise that goes with being awake that long. Now imagine waking up after 10-12 hours of straight sleep feeling that way. Every day.

Have you ever fell really far or hard, been in a car accident, had a really bad flu, or just worked yourself really hard? Remember that horrible all over achy feeling you get after accidents, strenuous work, or during the flu? Imagine having that achy feeling gnawing at you all the time.

Have you ever spun around really fast? Been on a fast spinning carnival or amusement park ride? You know that dizzy feeling you get after? That rubbery feeling you get in your legs? That inability to walk straight? Imagine having that feeling every time you sit up from lying down, or stand from sitting.

Now imagine all of those feelings, all at once, all of the time. Imagine that and you might just have a small glimps of what it is like living with a chronic illness. Many chronic illnesses include these feelings, and MANY more, all at once, much of the time. It’s hard to explain what it feels like to live with chronic issues, and I’m not entirely convinced I did an effective job explaining it.

Before signing off, I just want to list off a few things to remember about chronic illness. It…

  • makes previously easy tasks very difficult
  • effects people physically and emotionally
  • isn’t all in our heads
  • is isolating
  • is not always visible to the world
  • has no cure
  • is exhausting
  • is not our fault
  • is 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 (6 on leap years) days a year
  • is effected by the environment (temperature, weather, etc.)
  • is not contagious
  • makes many unable to work (this does not mean we’re lazy)
  • effects every day tasks (cleaning, cooking, etc.)
  • can cause people to be bedridden or housebound
  • can effect a persons memory
  • can effect a persons balance, coordination, or ability to walk, stand, etc.
  • IS REAL (most importantly!)

Lots of Love,



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