Day 4 of 30 day chronic illness challenge


Before going into detail about today’s challenge post, I just want to start by apologizing that this is going to be shorter than the previous posts, I also apologize for any typos, poor grammar, or just anything that might not make sense. I am currently very tired, and spoonless (if you do not get this reference, I will post about it in the future, but encourage you to visit below link.)

Spoon Theory

Day 4: How have your friends and family reacted to it? 

This is an interesting question, as everyone acts entirely different from one another. I’m not going to mention any names in this post, mostly because I don’t want any one person to feel like I am attacking them. I have some friends and family who still do not understand my illness, and the severity of it. This can get unbelievable frustrating explaining every time why I am unable to do something, why I have to cancel plans, etc. Others simply did not believe it until they first saw me faint. Others have pulled away from me, because it’s too much for them to deal with. While I understand this is difficult to handle, imagine how hard it is for ME to deal with! Some people panic at every little bump in the road, understandably so. Some people take my illness as a challenge, trying to “one up” me. Believe me, I’d gladly hand my health off to someone else, as will many others! I have also had family and friends treat me differently simply because of my illness.

It’s hard to know how to react to anyone dealing with an chronic (or really even acute) illness. How one person reacts and deals with stressors can be completely different from how the next person reacts to it. Some times it can be really annoying when people try to one up you or treat you differently because of your illness, but I like to believe that most people have the best intentions, even if they react poorly.

Anyway, I am going to go for now to take a nap. Thanks for taking the time to read my nonsensical, rushed blog post.

love you lots,



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