Day 2 of 30 day chronic illness challenge!

Day 2: how have these illnesses affect your life? 

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a good day! Today’s photo subject is how illnesses affect your life. I touched on this a bit in my previous post but will go into more detail in this post. Because of the drop in blood pressure and the increase in heart rate, when I stand I tend to faint. In addition to this I experience very severe fatigue, brain fog, rapid shifts from chills to sweats, and the complete inability to digest anything. This has lead me to be wheelchair bound, mostly house bound, and dependent on others for assistance. I am reliant on medications most of which I am unable to take due to my inability to tolerate oral meds. Additionally, as mentioned, I am fully dependent on TPN to keep me alive. TPN has its risks though, it is basically an express line to sepsis (a severe blood infection that I’ve had twice since starting in September), and ultimately can lead to liver damage or failure. I am unable to work due to a. The severity of my health, b. Being hooked up to IVs 14 hours a day, and c. Due to frequent hospitalizations. Before getting sick I was in school for psychology, as mentioned. I have two classes left, but had to go on leave of absence indefinitely. I’m praying that this year I will become more financially stable and my physicians will clear me to take one class at a time to finish my degree. As on can imagine, being so ill so young has also played a major emotional toll on me, my family, and my friends. I’m learning more lately how to live with the cards that life has dealt me and how to see the beauty in every moment we get here. My experience with my health has been hard, but has made me a unbelievably strong warrior. It has made me compassionate for others and the invisible battles they might be fighting. My health has gave me a passion not only for my own life, but also a passion to hopefully help others on the future. I say all of this because illness has an amazingly horrible impact on a person’s life, but good things can come out of bad experiences if you let it. 

That’s enough of my banter for the day. 




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